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Lorna is a prolific New Forest artist who discovered her passion for drawing and painting when, as a child, it helped her while away many hours on the long sea voyages to and from Australia. Also, Lorna’s fascination with, and love of, the countryside meant that she was never short of inspiration.

Later, Lorna was privileged to study Fine Art with the late Edward Jones, RBA, H Dip Fine Art, the man who taught her to understand art and encouraged her to go to Art College. Ted was a man for whom Lorna has great respect and admiration.

Following his advice, Lorna then went on to study at the Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design, gaining the Higher National Diploma in Natural History Illustration. Having completed her studies, Lorna then became a lecturer at the College, specialising in Natural History Illustration and training many fine artists who now enjoy success in their own right.

In 1990, Lorna decided to go solo and founded the Lorna Byron School of Art, consisting of a handful of students, all very eager to learn. Some of those original students still enjoy the classes, to this day. The School now boasts a very high success rate, with many students who started as beginners and have now turned professional.

Lorna has a love of working in water colour and pastel, complementing these mediums by painting, also, in gouache and oil. “Having the ability to work in more than one medium is exciting and also suits different moods (of both the subject and the artist!) Admittedly, the learning may take longer but the end result makes it all worthwhile.”

Her paintings have been exhibited in London, the Mall Galleries, The Royal Society of Botanical Artists – Westminster Hall and in the Broadgate Arena in Liverpool Street. She has also exhibited with the Wessex Artists in the Guildhall Salisbury. Today, her work is on view in London, and provincial galleries. Her commissions include pieces for The Arts Council, The Rotary Club of Great Britain and many local businesses and private collectors as far afield as France, Italy, America, Japan, Cyprus, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Over the past few years, Lorna has also been drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. She has also taken groups of artists on painting holidays to the Cypriot village of Tochni, on the southern coast of the island at the foot of the Troodos Mountains.

Additionally, Lorna's teaching takes her to Art Societies as a Demonstrator. When not teaching, her days are spent painting a variety of subjects in water colour, pastel, gouache and mixed medium. On the left, buttons will take you to examples of her work. If you are interested in Lorna's work, either original art work or prints, then please contact her.

Lorna's paintings have been described as
"...very live-able with."


SAA - the society for all artists

Lorna is a Professional Associate Member of the Society for All Artists